4 Common Myths About Home Solar Energy

Over the past several years, advances in solar technology have often outpaced the spread of factual information. These days, people may hesitate to make the switch to solar despite its significant benefits, all because of false or outdated rumors.

So, let us discuss the 4 common myths about home solar energy and see if they hold up to the facts.
Myth #1: “Solar is only for rich folks”
Many people assume that installing solar is a luxury they can’t afford because the unit price of solar panels and their installation costs are too high. But the truth is, the cost of solar has dropped by 50% since 2014!

It is now actually much cheaper to produce energy from solar as opposed to other forms of out-
dated technology. Solar technology has never been as affordable and cost-effective as it is at present.

Plus, federal solar tax credit and California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) can help reduce the costs even further.

There’s no better time than right now to invest in solar energy!

Myth #2: “Solar panels require a certain type of climate”
The truth is, solar panels perform well in sunny and cold conditions, and even on cloudy days! Our solar consultants are available to help determine how many solar panels you’ll need, and the proper area to install those panels to maximize your investment.

Fortunately, California’s climate allows for a lot of direct sunlight exposure. This makes it one of the ideal places for solar installation!

Myth #3: “Solar panels will ruin the look of my home”
Some believe that solar panel installation must come with unsightly bracketing and other mounting hardware. The good news is, these days, solar panels can be installed by professionals so that they look great on your roof!

At Select Solar Pros, we pride ourselves on solar systems with a sleek, clean, and streamlined appearance to your roofing without any visible mounting or ugly wires hanging around. In fact, our premium solar installation would, if anything, give your house a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art look.

Myth #4: “Solar energy will take too long to provide any ROI”
One of the biggest concerns of prospective buyers is that solar energy takes at least 25 years to provide any return on investment. But in reality, you could start seeing ROI very soon, depending on your installation size and system.

For an average household with a 7-kilowatt solar system, the panels will pay for themselves within 6 to 10 years. But once you combine the federal tax credit and state programs, such as mentioned above, you could see a return on investment even sooner.

Not to mention, solar systems may increase the resale value of your home! So, even if you plan on leaving your home before your ROI, you can still gain a significant return at the time of selling your property.

Now that we have dispelled the 4 common myths about home solar energy that might have discouraged you from investing in solar, you may want to take your next step towards a clean energy future. Our friendly solar consultants can give you a free quote and help you determine the best solar option for your home!

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