Our Mission

To Provide Homeowners with a Trustworthy Source to Turn to so that they can confidently make the switch to clean, sustainable energy.

Our Vision

By fulfilling our mission we are making the world more sustainable one solar panel at a time. In addition, we are planting one tree for each solar panel sold! Learn more about our 1,000,000 Trees Project.

Our Story

Our founder started out working for another solar company. While working for them the company went under and left a lot of his customers high and dry, some even had paid for their project but never got it installed. This could not happen again. Select Solar Pros
was born because the solar industry is full of fly by night companies, high pressure salespeople, a million different equipment options, and so much to learn that a homeowner can’t even hope to know that they are making a good decision without some guidance.



That’s where we come in.

We are a team of solar advisors with access to our exclusive solar marketplace to get you the biggest bang for your buck, explore finance options, and make sure that you are getting top notch equipment.

And to top it off we check on your system four times in the first year after it’s installed. We don’t just walk away after we’re paid. This is unheard of in the industry. We were founded with the customer at our core and everything we do is to take care of the customer before, during, and after the project.

Why Select Solar?

Our 5-Step Personal Solar Process focuses us every step of the way on you, the customer.

Step 1

Listen - we’ll ask you questions and listen to your needs to make sure that we are quoting you the best possible options for your specific situation

Step 2

System Design - with your help we’ll show you where the solar panels will go. Analyzing your electricity usage will help us know how many solar panels to recommend.

Step 3

Program Options - there’s lots of ways to pay for solar. We’ll explain the pros and cons of each and help you choose the best for you.

Step 4

Project Start and Weekly Check In - your dedicated customer service rep will be with you every step of the way! They’ll check in with you weekly to update you on your project’s status.

Step 5

Reviews of System Performance - during the first year after your install we’ll check on your system four times to see how your system is performing and if you have any questions! And after year 1 we’ll always be here if you ever have any questions!